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With you can create many isolated namespaces to model your various communication needs. A namespace is like a project or repository, but for communication and real-time data.

For each of those namespaces you are free to define any topic hierarchy, rules and communication patterns.

Namespace Screenshot

Real-Time Graph

The real-time graph visualizes all communication in your namespace. Keep an overview while you debug and optimize the communication between your things.

The graph shows active connections, the namespaces topic topology, subscriptions and the messages flowing through.

Javascript Code

MQTT Protocol

Connecting to is fast and easy using the MQTT publish & subscribe protocol. The various client implementations allow usage in any programming language and on most hardware platforms.

An additional HTTP interface allows even simpler access and integration in existing projects.

Internet of Things

The platform has been built for the IoT community, because experimenting and researching with new technologies should be easy and accessible for everyone.

To support the community we promise that public shared data on the platform will always be without charge.

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