Welcome to shiftr.io!

The following three steps let you get started with the platform and learn all the necessary things.

1. Namespace

In order to connect things to shiftr.io you first need to create a namespace.

Namespaces act as isolated virtual brokers that have their own topic hierarchy. You can create any amount of namespaces, recommended is to create at least one for each of your projects.

Namespace Screenshot

2. Token

To publish messages from your clients you need to give them access using tokens.

A token is a username and a password pair that is used to authenticate the client. You can find the tokens list and the form to create a new token in the Namespace Settings of your namespace. Depending on your needs, you can create a token for each client or use one for all of them.

Token Screenshot

3. Connect

Finally, you can connect with your client to shiftr.io!

Check out the manuals in the documentation for more information on that topic.

Connect Screenshot