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The Internet of Things Prototyping Platform

With you can rapidly interconnect your objects, devices and apps.

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With the process of interconnecting objects, devices and apps becomes more accessible and less complex. Regardless of whether you are building an interactive installation, prototyping the next connected product or simply playing around with new technologies, lets you add connectivity to your project in the early stage.

As a service, provides a rich publish & subscribe communication infrastructure, that is accessible through the MQTT protocol. A custom broker engine enables the built-in realtime graph that visualizes all events happening in your namespace.

As a platform, provides you with the ability to share your data and access data of others. Sharing data publicly is encouraged by the platform's design. In the future, we plan to have additional features that allow more interactions between users and their namespaces.

Using everyone is able to rapidly prototype connected objects and build a network of connected things. Start building prototypes for the Internet of Things now!